Quips trial, day 4

I would like to thank himanshi for turning up.

Here are the instructions to be followed:


Put the trial logo on your blog post. State the instructions.

2. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

3. Mention the creator of the challenge and provide a link as well.

4. Tell your readers a joke for seven days,one joke for each. Might not be consecutive.

5. Write a brain teaser for each day which can be answered by anyone by giving comments on the post.

6. Nominate 10 people & notify a link.

7. Share a link to your blog.

8. Tag as many people as you can.

9. Give the right

answer to the brain teaser while writing the next post.

The answer to the brain teaser is a preacher while the bonus brain teaser is fire.

I would like to nominate all my followers for the quips trial.

My joke

My brain teaser

A man condemned to death has the option of picking one of the mentioned rooms:

  1. A furnace filled with flames
  2. Armed men loaded with guns
  3. Lions starving to death

Which one do you think the man will choose and why?

Ensure to give your comments on the post.


Author: oladewalaura

I aspire to inspire.

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