Philosophy about TOO MUCH.

Do you know that too much of anything has an effect either negative or positive. For instance

  • If you speak TOO MUCH, you’ll lie.

  • If you cry TOO MUCH, you’ll loose your sight.

  • If you love TOO MUCH, you’ll be lost.

  • If you play TOO MUCH,you’ll be taken for granted.

  • If you trust TOO MUCH,you’ll be betrayed.

  • If you nag TOO MUCH,you’ll suffer mental pressure.

  • If you work TOO MUCH,you’ll die of stress.

  • If you eat TOO MUCH,you’ll be obese.

  • If you sleep TOO MUCH,you’ll be idle.

  • If you spend TOO MUCH, you’ll have no future.

  • If you wear makeup TOO MUCH, you’ll loose your beauty.

  • If you look TOO MUCH, you’ll loose your focus.

  • With MUCH prayer you’ll have everything.

  • With MUCH patience you’ll have the whole world.



  1. On the flip side, too little of anything can also cause problems. For example, too little socializing can lead to health problems. I guess life is a balancing act. I like to say, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Lol.

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