Be yourself unapologetically.

Yeah. You are not everybody so you don’t have to act like everyone, you don’t have to do what everyone is doing. Be unique,stand out.

At times we do all these because we want to be on point, be on clique and all of that but trust me you don’t need it. Sometimes, when we’re out there, we have to act with class, its normal for a good manner but we do not have to be unrealistic about it. You don’t have to be fake. BE YOURSELF, everyone else is taken.


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  1. This reminds us of the idea of being present and in the moment. One of our acting coaches would remind us to be introspective when it came to our character, whether they meant our character it the script we believe that the concept holds true for either of the two.
    Having the abilitiy to stand in rather than trying to stand out has an equal affect, don’t you agree?

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