Petty things.

Petty thinking, stop it. They get you no where.

Petty love, stop it. Don’t sell yourself out so cheaply.

Petty fights, be drama free, don’t let anyone drain you of your happiness.

Petty worries, think no more, remember the lion does not turn back when a small dog barks.

Petty jealousy, change it, you’ve got purpose in life forget distractions.

Petty friends, they do you no good, leave them.

Petty wishes, not all wishes come true, if they did then life will be a fairytale.

Petty motivations, erase them, don’t be motivated by stupid things.

Petty gossips, gossips are accepted by fools and spread by ——. Be wise, if gossip were food, 90% people will be overweight.

Petty fame, at the end all is vanity.

Petty imagination? Wake up.

Petty pride, may you not see your helper and they feel you are too big to be helped, then you’ll know the meaning of poverty.

To teenage girls.

Stop trying to live the future now, the future starts now but isn’t now. Stop glamorous make up, slay, stop following TV series, movies, music etc. There is something called priority you know, the best things are in the future, still, the best makeup a girl can wear is her smile, simplicity is the essence of beauty believe it or not. Don’t chase followers on social media neither fame. They don’t just come like that. If you work hard in life, followers will chase you not the other way round, then fame. Don’t sell yourself out too cheaply, stop teenage dating, you are getting nothing from it. Instead, you are being used. Focus on God, your studies and any other things that your top priorities. The future starts now, good things don’t happen by wishes, work hard for it. Be you. ❤

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Post Script: If you’ve sent me the link to your blog and I’ve not added it to your post, pardon me, I’ve been busy with my studies and haven’t been on social media much, just got few weeks break so I decided to post something. I’m working on it and if you feel I didn’t give you credit on your post, forgive me and kindly state it in the comment section. Here’s the link👇



Author: oladewalaura

I aspire to inspire.

4 thoughts on “Petty things.”

  1. Very nice post, I connect to the message for teenagers, I remember then I was eager to start living but I thank God I was restricted because now, in my 20s I appreciate the days I stayed back home practicing ‘HouseWife’ as they used to tease me. U have a very nice blog. Keep it up

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