“To be broken is pain ”
Unforgiveness is a punishment for another person’s mistake.

Oreoluwa's World

I was created whole,

With the ability to love and be loved

With the capacity to nurture and build,

I was made to give..

But in this life

in this space and in a short existence of mine,

I have seen pain, I have been hurt.

I have been beaten and harassed

i have been ‘cracked’ in many places.

And then

I look around me

I see some who support me

And the ones who condemn me.

For a short while

I allow the ‘condemnation’ get to me.

I allow myself to be broken in pieces

My cracked self in smithereens!

Not a good place

Not a fun place

Not a happy place

But a broken space

Then I hear a voice

No, many voices

Cheering me on

Leading me to a light

I feel the pull

the push

the gentle caress

the wicked stomp!

To be broken is pain

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Author: oladewalaura

I aspire to inspire.

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