The mind and you.

You were created with a brain

The difference between a man and an animal is that we have a well developed brain which gives us a mind that thinks.

However, many people tend to be “too spiritual” and depend on God for everything.

Imagine if you were to cross a road and you closed both eyes then wait for the Holy Spirit to tell you when to cross, that’s foolishness right?

It’s the same thing when you do not use your brain to do things that you are supposed to do.

Every great business came about due to great minds.

Your mind is important, however, too much knowledge can lead to foolishness.

I mean, how can some random scientists say that a beautiful lady like me evolved from apes. Oh wow. How amazing. That’s ridiculous. You mean I came about due to some Big Bang theory?

In essence, your decisions should be guided by the Word but you have a brain too, use it. Don’t wait to hear God tell you what to eat or how to do somethings.

Adam, the first man ever created, was given the opportunity to name several animals and plants. Your mind can create. Use it.

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