A reminder!

This is to remind you that you are going to have a better ending this year.

Was the first half of this year tough? Don’t worry, it only gets easier from now.

Was the first half of this year rough, don’t worry, it’s only gets smoother from now.

Was the first half of this year beautiful? It only gets more beautiful from now.

No matter how the first half looked like, we, yes, we are having a better ending as a family.

It’s a new opportunity to rise up, start again, beat procrastination, work harder, aim higher because it only gets better.

This year is a year of A better ending.


It’s this four letter word that does the most

To some, love means affection.

To some, love means attention.

To some, love means to receive.

To some, love means communication.

Love is neither of these things up there.

Love isn’t just a four letter word

To love means to give

A King once gave His life for some people made of dust.

If you do not give, then you do not love.

In the process of giving, you receive too.

But never expect to receive when you haven’t given.

And never expect to receive (from people) even when you have given.

LOVE isn’t just a four letter word.

To love is to give.

What do you see?

Two men look out through the same bars; one sees the mud, and one sees the stars.

American proverb. Quote gotten from the book “Dreaming big; energizing yourself and your team with a crystal clear Life Dream” by Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets.

Many people are overwhelmed as they go through life because they do not see. Their vision is foggy hence they become uninspired to do anything. Without seeing , you won’t face challenges with a positive mental toughness. You begin to see only the grit but not the stars. You feel imprisoned by your dreams and you keep asking yourself “is it possible?”

Seeing the big picture cuts all fog out. Do you see the big picture?

Climb over grit, face that fear, believe in the power in your vision and keep trusting The Big Picture.

Someone said “What you see is what you will be. If you see nothing, you will be nothing. “

Characteristics of a lazy person.

A lazy person is a person void of understanding.

A lazy person is a person with no common sense. An ant is wiser than a lazy person.

A lazy person is someone who loves poverty because he loves sleeping.

A lazy person prefers eating crumbs for free to working for his own bread.

A lazy person has wants like an armed man.

Laziness is a killer. It kills the seeds you are growing. It comes as “just a little rest”, “just a little slumber”. Don’t be lazy. Whatever your hand finds to do, do with ALL your might.

Petty things.

Petty thinking, stop it. They get you no where.

Petty love, stop it. Don’t sell yourself out so cheaply.

Petty fights, be drama free, don’t let anyone drain you of your happiness.

Petty worries, think no more, remember the lion does not turn back when a small dog barks.

Petty jealousy, change it, you’ve got purpose in life forget distractions.

Petty friends, they do you no good, leave them.

Petty wishes, not all wishes come true, if they did then life will be a fairytale.

Petty motivations, erase them, don’t be motivated by stupid things.

Petty gossips, gossips are accepted by fools and spread by ——. Be wise, if gossip were food, 90% people will be overweight.

Petty fame, at the end all is vanity.

Petty imagination? Wake up.

Petty pride, may you not see your helper and they feel you are too big to be helped, then you’ll know the meaning of poverty.

To teenagers.

Stop trying to live the future now, the future starts now but isn’t now. Stop glamorous make up, slay, stop following TV series, movies, music etc. There is something called priority you know, the best things are in the future, still, the best makeup a girl can wear is her smile, simplicity is the essence of beauty believe it or not. Don’t chase followers on social media neither fame. They don’t just come like that. If you work hard in life, followers will chase you not the other way round, then fame. Don’t sell yourself out too cheaply, stop teenage dating, you are getting nothing from it. Instead, you are being used. Focus on God, your studies and any other things that your top priorities. The future starts now, good things don’t happen by wishes, work hard for it. Be you. ‚̧

This post was written 2018. I don’t know why it wasn’t published.

Note: I didn’t edit it. I only changed the “to teenagers” from “to teenage girls.”


You take a crash, you get back up and next time, you succeed and that’s a great feeling.

Shawn White.

The heading sounds cliche, right? Someone said “cliches are actually cliches because they work!” It’s actually true. I want to be a perfect writer without writing. To make that happen, I have to work. Like WORK. Work very hard.

Life is a blend of thorns and roses but he who dares not grasp the thorns should never crave the rose. – Anonymous.

You want to achieve something? You have to do the work for it. The richest man in the world is actually a busy man. He’s always working. He’s doing the work.

You have a problem with organizing your day? It’s a perfect time to read Plan Ahead.

Do you need an extremely long post before you become motivated? You aren’t ready then. To become anything or anyone in life, we have to face it! Face your fears, face procrastination, face laziness, control them and not the other way round. You can do this, yes you can!

You’ve got to take those baby steps first then you start walking, then you start running. Look, you begin to fly! -Oladewalaura.