The Nigeria we live in (A poem for Nigeria’s 61st independence).

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Welcome to Nigeria
The country with unlimited potentials.

Our slogan is peace and unity
We live with equal opportunities.

The country that doesn’t accept mediocrities
Each citizen with his own peculiarities.

A country rooted in Love
Given to us from Above.

No better role model than our leaders
They can run a thousand kilometres
To make sure there is order.

We lend to nations
And attend to other countries medical attention.

We live in light
Even the night shines so bright.

The country with enabling environment
We are ruled under wise judgement.

A country that detests corruption
Whose citizens obey instructions.

It is rare
To find someone who lives in fear.

The old people rest
And do not get depressed

This is our country
And the tea we drink is liberty.

Even though everyone has their own differences
It doesn’t lead to keeping grudges.

Our educational system is sound
And it gives room to people from all background.

There are many employment availabilities
In various facilities.

Every citizen with his own abilities
And this allows variabilities.

A land flowing with milk and honey
Nobody makes blood money.

This is the country we live in
This is the country we believe in.

Happy 61st independence!

Written by Abba through His pen, Popoola Oladewa Laura


“For there is hope for a tree, If it is cut down, that it will sprout again, And that its tender shoots will not cease. Though its root may grow old in the earth, And its stump may die in the ground, Yet at the scent of water it will bud And bring forth branches like a plant.
Job 14:7‭-‬9 NKJV

There is hope for Nigeria. This is the Nigeria I live in, This is the Nigeria I believe in. Speak positively to your mountain. There’s so much negatively already. Happy new month.

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Shouldn’t be you.

You are a killer

You denture my skin

You break my bones

You gash blood out of my body

My dignity means nothing to you

When I complain

You say don’t give me that tone of voice

The pain has become a routine

I cannot do anything to help myself

There is no peace amidst this chaos

Shouldn’t be you,dad.

This goes to all the victims of family rape. It’s bad that people get raped and it’s worse when it is coming from a member of one’s family. Nothing last forever. The pain too. Oh! It’s fiction.


The girls have failed to speak up

Those who did ended up regretting their actions.

The girls have lost their voices

The girls are being bullied.


Last week, Felicia was raped.

She told her uncle

The words that came out from an educated man sounded

like that of a man who had just drank to stupor.

He blamed her for wearing short dresses

He blamed her for not covering all the part of her body.

“Why are you always dressed that way?”

The most stupid question of the year.

Well, she is clamoring for justice.


Last month Vanessa was raped,

She told her mum.

Cover your mouth

Said her mother

Wipe your tears because no one must hear about this.

This is so shameful that the mouth must not speak.

“My daughter, don’t worry

God will fight for you”

Were the words of her scared mum.

Vanessa has decided to play dumb

So she won’t spill out the beans mistakenly.


Two days ago,

Robbers visited the house of the opulent chief Jaja.

They demanded that the family gathered

Vivian, his daughter decided to sleep

With a short silk dress.

She was raped.

The words of her dad were

I don’t want this to get to the world

You know I am a public figure

Bloggers must not hear of this

Today, Vivian is dead

Of course, depression caused it.


Rape is not a wrong

It is a crime

It is despicable

Stop shaming the victims!

Stop blaming the daughters!

Train the sons

Rebuke the fathers and uncles

Disgrace the pastors and neighbours


The scars may not be visible

But they are in the inner chamber of the mind.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere – Dr Martin Luther King Jr.


Girls can’t dress the way they like

Because if they are raped they will be blamed

The only cause of rape is THE RAPIST

And the most foolish question is

What were you wearing?

Short skirts don’t rape, rapists do.

Don’t let the girls become cowards.

Sometimes all that is needed is understanding.

Sometimes setting limit is mistaken for ego

Sometimes silence is mistaken for weakness

Sometimes kindness is mistaken for foolishness

All that is needed is understanding.

If you could journey through the labyrinth of one’s mind

Or you could read one’s thoughts for a day

You would see that all that is needed is understanding.

You would read dirty thoughts too

But you would also read words that the tongue fears to speak out.

Many people bask in the maze of loneliness.

If you could put yourself in the shoes of others

You would realize that all that is needed is understanding

Do not judge too quickly

All that is needed is understanding.


I heard a gunshot,

It sounded like a broken pot,

It brought me to a spot,

Where i had to squat.

I saw a man wearing a polka dot,

He had a blot

And a blood clot on his hand.

He tried to save the injured tout

But it was all for a naught.

Fortunately the policemen arrived,

But the polka dot man was deprived

Of the explanation he had to provide

So he could survive.

He tried to say there was someone disguised

But he wasn’t justified

Because one of the policemen was a personalized mastermind.

I was so horrified,

In fact mesmerized,

My heart was occupied,

Then i realized

Someone has to be assigned

To find the person behind the wasted tout who died.

Oladewa Laura