Misconceptions in BLOGGING.

Sometimes we like a post without viewing, sometimes we comment on a post by reading other people’s comment, making the writer feel so joyous or so we can get more likes on our own posts.

When you check your stat, you can see how many views a post has gotten and how many likes it has. Some are unaware that they have more likes than views. One of my blogger friend once told me of a post that she published that had few views and the likes tripled in number. If she had not checked, she would have had the misconception that her post has been read by many.

Some people follow other blogs so they can have more followers. I have seen a lot of blogs like that. Having more followers or likes does not matter. That is not a legit purpose for blogging although we all have different importance attached to blogging one of which having more followers is some people’s priority. We all found our passions before we started blogging so that passion is able to yield result by itself. Every blatant error made should be soon corrected. Stop making people live with the misconceptions in blogging, find your purpose. Sometimes, we can escape pains of separation when we don’t have people’s viewing our posts. That’s a struggle in blogging which shouldn’t be solved by creating misconceptions. If WordPress were showing the number of sites we follow just as the number of sites of those following us, we will realize that some are following up to a thousand blogs which will make it impossible for you to keep up with your READERS so we will randomly like posts without viewing the content. Let’s stop that. On bloglovin‘ , you can see the number of blogs each person is following and sometimes when i try to visit some sites, i realize they haven’t even published anything, some people just follow them for follows just as some do on instagram and other social media platforms. Someone once asked me why i was following just two blogs on bloglovin’ then I replied by asking her why she was following over five hundred blogs. She didn’t have anything to say and that was how she ended the topic. In conclusion, how we deal with our site is important and how we deal with other sites is more important. Let’s not create misconceptions in blogging.

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Oladewa Laura.

Keep Moving Forward.

You wish for other people’s blessings, that’s good. Did I just say that’s good? It’s BAD, it’s really bad to wish for another person’s wealth or personality.

You can be a better person but not another person.

Life is a matter of time. Just as our clocks move, we move. No condition is permanent. Instead of blaming yourself for losing the resources you put in a particular business or venture. Try MovingFoward. It is a simple thing to make life more enjoyable.

Different time has been allocated for the different people in the world, a person of 18 years can decide to drop out of school and still make it, that’s what his destiny has planned for him. A graduate of 25 years might not make it until age forty. It’s destiny. A graduate of 23 years can as well make it at 25. Just put it at the back of your mind that

Life is a matter of time, when it is your time, it dances to your tune.

So just as the clock moves forward, let us Keep Moving Forward.

Also remember to find your purpose. Don’t just sit there and wait for your goodness to come your way. Work for it.

KMF day 2 of 3.

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One million thoughts running through my mind.

I’ve been busy, so busy

so many drafts,

unfinished ones to be precise

its been long since I posted, yes it has

anytime I visit WordPress I don’t seem to think of anything.

Unfinished stories, unfinished jokes, unfinished inspirations, unfinished nominations.

So many exams to write,

I’m just so tired, so so tired.

This is not a joke neither a poem I HAVE LOST MY INSPIRATION

nothing triggers me to post.

I’ve got one million thoughts running through my mind. I’ve got one million thoughts running through my mind and again I’ve got one million thoughts running through my mind.

Suffering and smiling.

She wasn’t rich,

she needed help

everyone knew that

she claimed to be okay

she is a proud woman

a woman of no values

the only reason why she has a hunchback is because of her bad walking steps

she raises her shoulders high and walks with her invisible crown

she couldn’t even feed well

she couldn’t afford to buy a diaper for her son

and she claims to have a duplex with a lot of cars

why is she living with her mother?

rumor has it that she had divorced her husband

she is always badly dressed

a savage but stupid person

A barbaric woman who lives in a room apartment with her mother and claims she has —–,

you know what I’m talking about,

I pray she realizes one day that she is suffering and smiling.

Patience: The key element of success which solves all problem.

Patience: Key to Paradise which means the capacity to tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry. 

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind. It is when you are supposed to get mad but you choose to understand. Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.

A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regret. 

Patience is a bitter plant that has a sweet fruit. Every patient person eats the ripest fruit. 

Every good thing takes time just as it takes 13 hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to build a rolls- Royce.

Even the Bible said in proverb 14:29- whoever is patient has great understanding.

Two things define you: 

Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

Also Philippians 1:6 says have patience, God isn’t finished yet  

We shouldn’t trouble ourselves because storms don’t last forever. God has a perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and a lot of faith but its worth the wait.

If God answers your prayers, he is increasing your faith, if he doesn’t, he is training your patience.

Always learn to remember that everything happens for a reason. Just laugh at the confusion, pains and anything that makes you sad, it is going to be okay.

Oladewa Laura.