You take a crash, you get back up and next time, you succeed and that’s a great feeling.

Shawn White.

The heading sounds cliche, right? Someone said “cliches are actually cliches because they work!” It’s actually true. I want to be a perfect writer without writing. To make that happen, I have to work. Like WORK. Work very hard.

Life is a blend of thorns and roses but he who dares not grasp the thorns should never crave the rose. – Anonymous.

You want to achieve something? You have to do the work for it. The richest man in the world is actually a busy man. He’s always working. He’s doing the work.

You have a problem with organizing your day? It’s a perfect time to read Plan Ahead.

Do you need an extremely long post before you become motivated? You aren’t ready then. To become anything or anyone in life, we have to face it! Face your fears, face procrastination, face laziness, control them and not the other way round. You can do this, yes you can!

You’ve got to take those baby steps first then you start walking, then you start running. Look, you begin to fly! -Oladewalaura.

Candour not Diplomacy.

Candour means the quality of saying what you think openly and honestly.

Diplomacy is a skill in dealing with people in difficult situations without upsetting or offending them.

I am not against anyone of them but I feel being candid is better than being diplomatic. When you are candid, you do things frankly without sugarcoating your words but when you are diplomatic, you tend to tiptoe around the truth more often. You use your tact while talking, your heart does the processing instead of your mind. Although, I do not like tactless people but in applying tactics, you should be candid.

You should be of nonconformity than of sensitivity. You should be frank because when you tiptoe around the truth, you tend to tell lies too.

Before you approach any issue, you should realise that your diplomacy should be juxtaposed with your frankness so you wouldn’t end up hurting anyone and you wouldn’t tell lies.

Oladewa Laura.

Becoming a better blogger.

I know sometimes it is quite depressing when you finally published a very motivational post and your expectations of the post are cut short. What I mean by “expectations” is when you finally expect a lot of re blogs, stat, likes, re tweets etc and all you get is just a few likes or none at all. It actually kills the motivation to keep writing great contents right?

Well, I think I just figured out how to go about that. Below are ten things most readers look out for while reading.

1. The post title.
Do you write your post titles in a way that attracts readers to your blog and holds their attention? If you don’t you should start this now.

Think about your post title and don’t just write anything. Post title is a very essential key to readers. When you just write something simple, an average reader will scan how the post will look like before contemplating on whether to read or not.

2. The length of the post.

A post shouldn’t be extraordinarily long. It should be snappy. If it is a complex topic, break the content into various posts. If it can’t be broken, make it interesting and well arranged.This will even make readers look forward to reading your posts.

3. Captions used.

Do you post pictures in your posts. If no, you should start. If yes, you should learn to start using deep captions with them. Just as we read people’s captions on Instagram, readers also want to read your own captions on your blog. Captioning your photos is a necessity.

4. Strategic emphasis.

Stop writing all of your post boldly. Bold only important concepts, this way your reader will be able to pick out important keywords but highlighting all of your post will not emphasise anything at all. It is just like writing your post with the default heading.

5. Points numbered.

Using ordered lists while writing will keep your readers more oriented. It is better than using unordered lists. Number your main points, it will make your post more inviting to your readers. Give this a try.

6. Ambiguous writing.

Make your posts easy to read, do not use a lot of grammar in them. Make your posts clear, this way, readers wouldn’t get bored and necessary communication will take place. If you think your posts have to be sophisticated by using these words, after each post, write the dictionary meaning of the words you know some of your viewers won’t understand. You don’t have to spend hours perfecting your writing skills, a great content is what matters.

7. Helpful links.

Add similar and helpful links to that of your post.This will give your readers more understanding. They will have more information about the topic and this will increase your horizon too. It adds value and shows you’ve researched the topic too, don’t be dogmatic when it comes to blogging.

8. Tags used.

Don’t tag your posts anyhow. Using appropriate tags give your readers a hint about what your content is all about. Do not use a lot of tags and make sure your posts are categorized.

9. Connection between readers and bloggers.

Sounds crazy but true. Viewers go to the comment section to see what people have to say about the post and what the reply of the blogger is. Don’t just like the comment of your reader, reply too, sensibly though.

10. Quality of the pictures.

Post pictures with quality, make sure they are clear in sight and meaningful too.

Lastly, Relax! Good things take time, once you have done all of these, your stats will increase, slowly but surely.

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Misconceptions in BLOGGING.

Sometimes we like a post without viewing, sometimes we comment on a post by reading other people’s comment, making the writer feel so joyous or so we can get more likes on our own posts.

When you check your stat, you can see how many views a post has gotten and how many likes it has. Some are unaware that they have more likes than views. One of my blogger friend once told me of a post that she published that had few views and the likes tripled in number. If she had not checked, she would have had the misconception that her post has been read by many.

Some people follow other blogs so they can have more followers. I have seen a lot of blogs like that. Having more followers or likes does not matter. That is not a legit purpose for blogging although we all have different importance attached to blogging one of which having more followers is some people’s priority. We all found our passions before we started blogging so that passion is able to yield result by itself. Every blatant error made should be soon corrected. Stop making people live with the misconceptions in blogging, find your purpose. Sometimes, we can escape pains of separation when we don’t have people’s viewing our posts. That’s a struggle in blogging which shouldn’t be solved by creating misconceptions. If WordPress were showing the number of sites we follow just as the number of sites of those following us, we will realize that some are following up to a thousand blogs which will make it impossible for you to keep up with your READERS so we will randomly like posts without viewing the content. Let’s stop that. On bloglovin‘ , you can see the number of blogs each person is following and sometimes when i try to visit some sites, i realize they haven’t even published anything, some people just follow them for follows just as some do on instagram and other social media platforms. Someone once asked me why i was following just two blogs on bloglovin’ then I replied by asking her why she was following over five hundred blogs. She didn’t have anything to say and that was how she ended the topic. In conclusion, how we deal with our site is important and how we deal with other sites is more important. Let’s not create misconceptions in blogging.

If you would like to contribute to the post, we can talk in the comment section. Your point will be included whether you are for or against the post.


Oladewa Laura.