Nigeria’s First Independence.

Nigeria is Independent

The last 59 years were just pretence

Her Independence began October 1st,2020.

Her citizens are green;

Green with anger

Her streets are filled;

Filled with banners.

The green colour of her flag were to signify her natural wealth

But she has lived in misery.

The colour white should signify peace

But it’s stained with blood.

There’s hostility in her nation.

If Nigeria could speak

She would plead to be colonized again

She would yell to be a slave

She loves her citizens just like a true mother’s love

Hence, she would prefer they live a slave to dying “free” anyway

She suffers day and night

Just to prove her true existence

She provided nature’s endowment

Just like a mother to her child.

“You are the leaders of tomorrow”

The same words of the old ones to the youths

But the tomorrow starts when our hairs are grey.

They refer to us as “Lazy Nigerian youths”

The leadership only begins when we get to our declining years.

We need our heritage back!

We hope to get it someday!

Written by Popoola Oladewa Laura.

October 16th, 2020.