I just had a surgery performed.

Read about my illness.


I had this ailment but I kept it to myself, I didn’t tell anyone about it. It got to the first stage, the symptoms became so obvious, I didn’t bother about it, it got to the second stage then I decided to perform a surgery before it finally gets to the last stage. I know you are wondering what illness I had, I’ll tell you. It is called enslaving your thoughts in your mind.

I know sometimes it is quite depressing when you finally published a very motivational post and your expectations of the post are cut short. What I mean by “expectations” is when you finally expect a lot of re blogs, stat, likes, re tweets etc and all you get is just a few likes or none at all. It actually kills the motivation to keep writing great contents right?

Well, I think I just figured out how to go about that. Below are ten things most readers look out for while reading.

1. The post title.
Do you write your post titles in a way that attracts readers to your blog and holds their attention? If you don’t you should start this now.

Think about your post title and don’t just write anything. Post title is a very essential key to readers. When you just write something simple, an average reader will scan how the post will look like before contemplating on whether to read or not.

2. The length of the post.

A post shouldn’t be extraordinarily long. It should be snappy. If it is a complex topic, break the content into various posts. If it can’t be broken, make it interesting and well arranged.This will even make readers look forward to reading your posts.

3. Captions used.

Do you post pictures in your posts. If no, you should start. If yes, you should learn to start using deep captions with them. Just as we read people’s captions on Instagram, readers also want to read your own captions on your blog. Captioning your photos is a necessity.

4. Strategic emphasis.

Stop writing all of your post boldly. Bold only important concepts, this way your reader will be able to pick out important keywords but highlighting all of your post will not emphasise anything at all. It is just like writing your post with the default heading.

5. Points numbered.

Using ordered lists while writing will keep your readers more oriented. It is better than using unordered lists. Number your main points, it will make your post more inviting to your readers. Give this a try.

6. Ambiguous writing.

Make your posts easy to read, do not use a lot of grammar in them. Make your posts clear, this way, readers wouldn’t get bored and necessary communication will take place. If you think your posts have to be sophisticated by using these words, after each post, write the dictionary meaning of the words you know some of your viewers won’t understand. You don’t have to spend hours perfecting your writing skills, a great content is what matters.

7. Helpful links.

Add similar and helpful links to that of your post.This will give your readers more understanding. They will have more information about the topic and this will increase your horizon too. It adds value and shows you’ve researched the topic too, don’t be dogmatic when it comes to blogging.

8. Tags used.

Don’t tag your posts anyhow. Using appropriate tags give your readers a hint about what your content is all about. Do not use a lot of tags and make sure your posts are categorized.

9. Connection between readers and bloggers.

Sounds crazy but true. Viewers go to the comment section to see what people have to say about the post and what the reply of the blogger is. Don’t just like the comment of your reader, reply too, sensibly though.

10. Quality of the pictures.

Post pictures with quality, make sure they are clear in sight and meaningful too.

Lastly, Relax! Good things take time, once you have done all of these, your stats will increase, slowly but surely.

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Keep Moving Forward.

Once you are with the drum stick, just drum and time will dance to your tune.

You wish for other people’s blessings, that’s good. Did I just say that’s good? It’s BAD, it’s really bad to wish for another person’s wealth or personality.

You can be a better person but not another person.

Life is a matter of time. Just as our clocks move, we move. No condition is permanent. Instead of blaming yourself for losing the resources you put in a particular business or venture. Try MovingFoward. It is a simple thing to make life more enjoyable.

Different time has been allocated for the different people in the world, a person of 18 years can decide to drop out of school and still make it, that’s what his destiny has planned for him. A graduate of 25 years might not make it until age forty. It’s destiny. A graduate of 23 years can as well make it at 25. Just put it at the back of your mind that

Life is a matter of time, when it is your time, it dances to your tune.

So just as the clock moves forward, let us Keep Moving Forward.

Also remember to find your purpose. Don’t just sit there and wait for your goodness to come your way. Work for it.

KMF day 2 of 3.

Participate by publishing a post that can motivate people to stop giving up. KeepMovingFoward is brought to you by https://oladewalaura.wordpress.com

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I’m sick.

I’m sick. I’m so sick.

I’m sick of not correcting people when they are wrong

I’m sick of listening to lies when I know they are not true

I’m sick of learning music lyrics, new ones pop up everyday.

I’m sick of obeying my native rules which says don’t correct elders when they are wrong.

I’m sick of putting gramaticule erors into consideration, you guys will tell me i just spelt grammatical errors wrongly. I just told you I don’t give a hoot anymore.

I’m sick of being timid and conservative, people take me for a fool already.

I’m sick of not being able to express myself through my speech, some say I’m dumb.

I’m sick of trying to please people. If you don’t like me, that’s your business.

I’m sick of listening to rumors, they are carried by FOOLS.

I’m sick of trusting people, my trust has just been sold to Jesus.

I’m sick of being so emotional.

I’m sick of people making me have a low self esteem, right now my self esteem is 100%✨

I’m even sick of writing what I’m sick of, lol.

On this note, I rest my pen and paper.

What is making you sick. Drop in the comment section. Let’s talk.♥♥♥

HE said YES.

I called but HE didn’t pick but he left a voicemail saying Drop your message and a reply will be given to you.

I did drop but HIS reply was no.

I called again, it wasn’t going through, didn’t know what was wrong with the heavenly connection but I managed to leave a message and HIS reply was “wait” .

I got so tired of Jah not picking my calls so I prayed, I really prayed then I called HIM.

The connection was so good, HE picked, we spoke for a long period of time, he finally said” my daughter, the answer is YES”

Self Confidence; The Foundation Of Great Success And Achievement.

A must read inspirational post📖.

Not everyone has to like you because not everybody has taste👅. When everyone doesn’t believe in you just tell them to watch👀 you while you change their thoughts. Even introverts🙍 have to be confident because when you are silent without confidence you begin to lose your self esteem. Believe in your strength because confidence breeds strength💪.

When someone tells you it can’t be done,it is a reflection of their limitations, not yours.

One of my inspirational quotes says self confidence is the best outfit, own it and rock it💃. Be able to express yourself anywhere you are, never feel that anyone is higher than you in any way. When you believe you are below someone in any way(status, growth and so on), your foundation of success is not standing on a solid ground. Another inspirational quote of mine says that if you look at those that are ahead of you, you will never have enough but if you look at those that are behind you, you will always have more.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness. You can read my post Failure is not the end. Just like Thomas Edison, His teacher said he was too stupid to learn. He tried to build a bulb 9999 times but the experiments didn’t work but the 10000th time, everything worked out. Everything worked out because he was confident, he believed in himself and didn’t let failure overshadow him.

FAIL means first attempt in learning and END means effort never dies.

Thomas Edison inspired me and let him inspire you too. Don’t stop believing in yourself even when others have stopped believing in you. Dutchll also made me know that Thomas Edison is credited with the saying,

I haven’t failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Being confident doesn’t mean you have to be like another person.

Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.

Being confident doesn’t mean you have to compare yourself with other people.

Just let people see the real,imperfect and magical person you are.

Do what you love, say what you want but be wise about it. Don’t say because you are expressing yourself then you can hurt another person by the words you speak🗣.

Stop self doubt.

When you doubt your power, you give power to doubt.

Know your worth.

There are some people who can kill your confidence but another quote says when you feel like quitting, remember why you started.

Be too glamorous to give a damn. Don’t give a hoot about whatever anybody says.🌸🌼🌸

When you know your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.

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Thanks for reading.