Don’t end it.

Your life isn’t a game, DON’T END IT.

There is absolutely no reason for you to think about suicide

You don’t have to change a thing about yourself

People need to change their heart.

You don’t need people to acknowledge how wonderful you are before you do it yourself.

Nobody can define who you are

Your reputation doesn’t matter

Your personality is what matters.

If people misinterpret your personality, it’s their problem, not yours.

Your life isn’t a game, DON’T END IT.

Recommended song: Scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara.

Shouldn’t be you.

You are a killer

You denture my skin

You break my bones

You gash blood out of my body

My dignity means nothing to you

When I complain

You say don’t give me that tone of voice

The pain has become a routine

I cannot do anything because you feed me

There is no peace amidst this chaos

Shouldn’t be you,dad.

This goes to all the victims of family rape. It’s bad that people get raped and it’s worse when it is coming from a member of one’s family. Nothing last forever. The pain too. Oh! It’s fiction.

Wear your crown properly.

Your Heavenly Father is the King of kings. You have every right to a crown of your own. Whether invisible or not, the crown of a king or queen must not fall down. Make sure your crown doesn’t. You deserve everything a queen or king deserves. Don’t settle for less. This is just a reminder because I know you will never forget that you are a king or a queen.

Keep Moving Forward.

You wish for other people’s blessings, that’s good. Did I just say that’s good? It’s BAD, it’s really bad to wish for another person’s wealth or personality.

You can be a better person but not another person.

Life is a matter of time. Just as our clocks move, we move. No condition is permanent. Instead of blaming yourself for losing the resources you put in a particular business or venture. Try MovingFoward. It is a simple thing to make life more enjoyable.

Different time has been allocated for the different people in the world, a person of 18 years can decide to drop out of school and still make it, that’s what his destiny has planned for him. A graduate of 25 years might not make it until age forty. It’s destiny. A graduate of 23 years can as well make it at 25. Just put it at the back of your mind that

Life is a matter of time, when it is your time, it dances to your tune.

So just as the clock moves forward, let us Keep Moving Forward.

Also remember to find your purpose. Don’t just sit there and wait for your goodness to come your way. Work for it.

KMF day 2 of 3.

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Self Confidence; The Foundation Of Great Success And Achievement.

Not everyone has to like you because not everybody has taste. When no one believes in you just tell them to watch you while you change their thoughts.

Even introverts have to be confident because when you are silent without confidence you begin to lose your self esteem. Believe in your strength because confidence breeds strength.

When someone tells you it can’t be done,it is a reflection of their limitations, not yours.

One of my inspirational quotes says self confidence is the best outfit, own it and rock it. Be able to express yourself anywhere you are, never feel that anyone is higher than you in any way. When you believe you are below someone in any way(status, growth and so on), your foundation of success is not standing on a solid ground. Another inspirational quote of mine says that if you look at those that are ahead of you, you will never have enough but if you look at those that are behind you, you will always have more.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness. You can read my post Failure is not the end. Just like Thomas Edison, His teacher said he was too stupid to learn. He tried to build a bulb 9999 times but the experiments didn’t work but the 10000th time, everything worked out. Everything worked out because he was confident, he believed in himself and didn’t let failure overshadow him.

FAIL means first attempt in learning and END means effort never dies.

Thomas Edison inspired me and let him inspire you too. Don’t stop believing in yourself even when others have stopped believing in you. Dutchll also made me know that Thomas Edison is credited with the saying,

I haven’t failed, I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Being confident doesn’t mean you have to be like another person.

Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.

Being confident doesn’t mean you have to compare yourself with other people.

Just let people see the real,imperfect and magical person you are.

Do what you love, say what you want but be wise about it. Don’t say because you are expressing yourself then you can hurt another person by the words you speak.

Stop self doubt.

When you doubt your power, you give power to doubt.

Know your worth.

There are some people who can kill your confidence but another quote says when you feel like quitting, remember why you started.

Be too glamorous to give a damn. Don’t give a hoot about whatever anybody says.

When you know your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.