The Overcomers (A series) 1: Discovering the real YOU.

The only roadmap to success that you should follow is standing out – George Chidiebere (Author of the book “DISCOVERING THE REAL YOU”)

Welcome back to my blog. I’ve been so inconsistent with this blog. I’ve been demotivated, my emotions mottled but it’s well by God’s grace.

About three to four years ago, I realised my passion; passion for writing. I became a voracious writer, the insatiable desire to write was upon me. The unquenchable passion for writing led me to opening this blog, oladewalaura. The main purpose for this blog was to keep you INSPIRED. By the word “inspire”, I meant to fill, encourage, motivate and uplift you through this blog. Reading comments and feedbacks from you saying “this is motivating” , “this post is inspiring ” and other uplifting words fueled my aim for this blog. I started writing on this page February 2018 precisely. I’ve been motivated seeing you motivated. I’ve even had feedbacks from public figures. Miss Juliana Olayode ( a former actress in the series “Jenifer’s diary; A comedy series produced by Funke Akindele; renowned actress” ) once visited my blog and I was mesmerised and a few more of them.

Few months ago, I realised something was missing in this blog, something I could not figure out. I decided to stop writing for a while then because I was overwhelmed by my school’s work so I had to prioritise. I became more of a reader and a listener. I watched motivational videos that only motivated me for a while, I read motivational quotes that motivated me for a while. I had to keep reading, watching and listening like a car that needs fuel to move.

About two or three weeks ago, I finally realised what was missing, THE WORD. Yes! The word was what was missing, the Word of God. It was never in any post I wrote, it wasn’t in any post I used to read neither was it in any video I watched and that was the major reason while I was “half motivated”. That was special kind of discovery on it’s own- realising that I’m we are to live with the Word.

The Overcomers; the series is here for you to realise what is missing in your world for your puzzle to be complete. This series is here to answer your questions. The most important thing is that this series is here with the Word! However, the Word is not for you us to just read. The word is for you us to live by.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

PSALM 119:105

This planet called earth is filled with darkness. Imagine yourself while walking on the road at night and suddenly the streetlights go off. That’s so scary, right? You become blind physically until your eyes starts adjusting. The word of God is here to lighten our paths spiritually. Once you can see spiritually then the physical becomes a lilliputian immediately. The Light inspires us for a better tomorrow, it makes us look forward to the future! It makes us live as OVERCOMERS. The journey as an overcomer has just begun, I would love you to join too. I’m an overcomer, are you?

Welcome to my blog once again, this time I am determined to be consistent.

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