When love gets lost.

Be unique in all doings.


Love is life, Those who say that have lost their purpose on earth. As teens, love is not our priorities at this moment. Relationships among teens is rampant nowadays. Although, a boy and a girl get attracted to each other due to some hormones in the body but it is caused by infatuation. We all need to control these feelings. Whenever a guy boy asks you out, you should slap him and make him realise that he isn’t ready for it.

Sometimes, the girls cause all these by dressing indecently( pls what are we showing off?) Some girls cannot dress without showing their cleavages (Too bad)By doing so, you’re trying to show the boys that you are available for them.

Some friends are the cause of our misfortune, not everyone you see likes you, some friends are pretentious, choose intelligent and Godfearing ones so you can enjoy a good life.

The more you want to climb the ladder of success, the lesser your friends get.

Fashion will forever be in existence, you don’t have to get trendy yet. It is one thing to look beautiful and it is another to look distracting. If you read my previous post, you’ll see a sentence that says if you use too much makeup, you’ll loose your beauty. We’ve all seen a lot of before and after make up pics and how ugly they are in the before part. Know that the way you are dressed is the way you’ll be addressed. Stand out. Boys don’t love , only girls put it in their minds. Get out of your foolishness today because once any boy gets hold of you, he will rape you and then dump you. He will live his life but you’ll be going around ashamed. Every girl should know that there a five dresses we should wear

  1. School uniform.
  2. Matriculation gown.
  3. Graduation gown.
  4. Wedding dress.
  5. Maternity dress.

If any lady skip the second dress, she won’t wear the third one. No girl must rush to wear the fifth dress just because a man has promised you the fourth. Moreover, the fourth fits one better if worn before the fifth. Get it right now.