Hello my readers. I am Popoola Oladewa Laura. Welcome to my blog. I write about lifestyles, jokes,words of encouragement, stories that impact knowledge and many more. Don’t be timid to comment, follow and like.

I am a teenager whose aim is to make other viewers stand out and make a difference (life coach) 🌸🌸🌸. A girl for whom gold holds no allure💞, an ordinary girl with an extra ordinary God . I am a Nigerian, an introvert with my speech but not with my writing. I really love to write and innovate.

Let’s share our thoughts together. Inspiration is my passion. 

Thoughts should be shared and inspiration should be given by those who are called.

I ensure that I will comment and follow up on your posts. Follow my blog and be innovated. I would as well like to join your blog team. You can invite me to be a contributor, author e.t.c. If you would like to join my team you can tell me in the comment section. Enjoy.



Blogging is my home away from home, 

My pool of confidence where I can share my posts like no one’s business

Blogging is my free learning society, where I learn without paying.

Blogging is my passion and a passion without impaction is boredom.

Blogging adds more food to my brain.

Blogging is what makes me happy.

What blogging means to me is just so much to share.




I blog because I am the goddess of my thoughts, a goddess of my dreams.

I blog because I have a story to share, I’ve got a lot to tell and things to learn.

I blog because I have someone to inspire, I am an INSPIRATIONAL blogger, one who has a passion for inspiration.

I blog because no one said I couldn’t blog

I blog because I own my school of thought and every school needs students, be my own.

I blog because I express myself through writing,with my keypads, I say a lot more than with my speech.

I blog because I want people to say you inspired me to make this decision of mine.

I blog because I was called to blog in fact created to blog, if I don’t that’s a waste of creation.

I blog because I want you to see this.

So let me be your inspiration, grab a cup of coffee, read and be inspired.