The lady I love

Talk about beauty with brains

One whose life is full of gains

One who never brings disgrace

To her generation or any race.


Talk of a lady of distinctions

With no time for distractions

A lady that loves the Lord

A light and gift to this world.


Talk about a lady that is an epitome of beauty

She is clothed with grace, honour and purity

She is amazing inside out

Special without any shadow of doubt.


Every minute of her life is on fire

To serve Jesus who is her provider

She is a lady of honourable birth

Affable and of golden worth.


She always shows that she was well bred

In every word she said.

Her wisdom is a million times rare

And her aspirations are beyond compare

She doesn’t allow anger

To take charge of her.

She is the lady I aspire to become

In many years to come.

Written by Gbemi×Oladewa

Lessons from the ants!

Welcome back to my blog family! In today’s post, I will be writing on extremely small creatures. Although they are liliputians but they are really mighty. A major lesson we should learn from today’s post is that the head can learn from the tail. Imagine,we humans from the class mammalia are learning from class insecta.

One lesson we should learn from the ants is that they are self motivated . You don’t need a whip to tell them what to do. The ants do not procrastinate like the so called ”higher animals”. They know what to do and they do it at the right time. Are you self motivated? Or do you procrastinate till you sleep off?

Secondly, they are wise. It takes a person of wisdom to actually know what to do, many of us do not even have a choice of our own. No one can buy wisdom unfortunately! The ants have goals, they have plans. Learn from them.

Another lesson to learn from the ants is resolute determination. Just as Philip Brooks; an American Bishop quoted “Be somebody with all your might” the ants are outstanding due to their resolute determination. Only the weakling is armed with excuses. Don’t be a weakling,learn from the ants.

They work with one another. The cooperation between the ants is second to none! They fellowship with one another, they work with one another. They die for one another. This is a success trait if you ask me.

They are bold and unapologetic! As little as these creatures are, they walk like they have a crown above their heads. Successful people carry themselves like a winner. They possess physical wholeness as little as they are. It is the courageous man who lead, guide and rule the world. This is a reason why they are ubiquitous.

They teach us the value of hard work. Ants have the “whatever it takes attitude” which is why they always have plenty to eat, they are never poor. They provide their supplies in the summer and gather their food in the harvest. Nobody feeds them. They work for their food and they do all it takes while doing that. They don’t mind losing their lives while working.

In conclusion ,whenever you see an army of ants, bend down and learn from them.

Oladewa Laura.

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What have you learnt from the ants most importantly?

Letter from the ground.

I have never complained
You stand on me to lie to your friends
You spit on me and swear to your parents
You stand on me with hatred in your hearts
Remember, I’m still the ground….

You’ve defiled me with your corruption
You’ve broken bonds in my presence
I look at you without fighting back
Every human being, no matter how old he gets will die someday

I’m tired of the lies
The ground is a place for you all
But how you live your life determines how soon you come to join me
You’ve lost yourself and”I’m not dying” you always say
It makes me laugh whenever I hear it

Humus means soil which is the same word as humility
I have sent humility to the world for free that we may all get it
Same way I sent pride out of my home because we aren’t families…..

You sent humility out of your home
You welcomed pride and made it your own
You nourished it that it may not die in your house
Well, you’ll be humble soon enough…

I am the ground
And I’m sending you to spread my letter
Spread it to the foolish so they will be wise
I am the ground and this is my letter.

O!adewa Laura

Never too late.

Have you ever thought of suicide? Have you decided to give up everything? Have you thought that you can’t amount to nothing? Do you see people as being better than you? It’s not too late to start over, it’s not too late to open a new chapter in your life. Don’t make people sorry for you, make them crave to be like you. Are you crazy for success? Work towards being successful. Don’t just lie on your bed saying it’s too late. Don’t procrastinate, Do it now. Don’t give up, never give up. Only failures give up, failing doesn’t make you a failure. It should give you the burning desire to do better. If it’s not the right path, don’t take it, shortcuts aren’t the best. Struggle now, enjoy later. It’s not too late to be the best. It’s not too late to start over. Start over, start better 💜

Oladewa Laura.

Racism by Divine Akhigbe.


I am black.
They call my continent black.
My friends?

I watched programmes on my television where I see people who don’t have the color of my skin do wonderful things and I ask myself. ‘Did we commit a crime during the process of our making? Maybe we did. And our punishment was that our colors would be changed from white to black’.As a kid, I always wanted to reverse my days and sleep during the day of the crime in order to avoid being black. I grew up. My black friends started changing. Wow. ‘What’s happening?’ ‘He was black some days ago’. God when? I relocated to a new location. I travelled to the city of the whites. ‘I am in heaven. Time to resolve my crime and become white again’. I tried using the internet which was made by a white man to check on how to become white. I saw different ways to change my skin color, but my moral standards said no. I had no option. My crime will live with me forever. I sat on my bed thinking. ‘My friends traveled to this land and now they are white. I am here. I am not white. Why? What is the problem with me?’ I pondered and tried to figure out possible solutions to my crime. No way. Okay, I’d live with this.

I got a job in a white company. I had the qualifications to work as the manager. I wasn’t given the chance to do so. ‘This is not right. I am a professional in my field and I see no reason why I shouldn’t be given this post’. My complaints were like prisoners who lived in the prison cell and had the inability to see the light of the day. I accepted the little offer posed on me as a professional. I worked and worked. I earned $4,000 annually. I was not satisfied with my job and I needed a change.

I met a friend. My friend is BLACK. Grey is Black. We met in a white land and were the only black workers in the facility. I nicknamed him ‘BLACK GREY’. Black Grey was down to earth (the normal attributes of a black man our aged parents told us about), cheerful and always had a bright smile on his face. Black Grey taught me the joy in Black. He said, ‘All black men are special. Man, woman, boy, and girl. We have the ability to work and perform excellently under trying circumstances. I am proud Black’. I felt the joy in his words when he talked about the black tribe. He was the black diamond among the whites.

Many people today are living in a world of pain due to their color. They are molested, cheated and even abused because they are born black. Do not encourage this. Appreciate your color and let your light radiate through it.🔰
🆔Divine Akhigbe

Divine is a writer, a drummer and a student of Industrial Mathematics in the University of Lagos. This piece above talks about Racism. Racism divided the world, the black are no longer proud of their skin, this shouldn’t be so. This piece is everything 💜

What next?

Next year, I will be this

Next year, I will have this

Next year, I will have achieved this

If this is your pattern, I’m sorry to say, it’s not a wise one. Fools count the years, wise people count the minutes, the seconds preferably. What you do now is what matters, what you are achieving now is what counts. Remember, the future starts now, your question shouldn’t be what next,it should be what now. So… What now is that you shouldn’t forget to share this amazing post to your friends, be nice 💜

Oladewa Laura.