Petty things.

Petty thinking, stop it. They get you no where.

Petty love, stop it. Don’t sell yourself out so cheaply.

Petty fights, be drama free, don’t let anyone drain you of your happiness.

Petty worries, think no more, remember the lion does not turn back when a small dog barks.

Petty jealousy, change it, you’ve got purpose in life forget distractions.

Petty friends, they do you no good, leave them.

Petty wishes, not all wishes come true, if they did then life will be a fairytale.

Petty motivations, erase them, don’t be motivated by stupid things.

Petty gossips, gossips are accepted by fools and spread by ——. Be wise, if gossip were food, 90% people will be overweight.

Petty fame, at the end all is vanity.

Petty imagination? Wake up.

Petty pride, may you not see your helper and they feel you are too big to be helped, then you’ll know the meaning of poverty.

To teenagers.

Stop trying to live the future now, the future starts now but isn’t now. Stop glamorous make up, slay, stop following TV series, movies, music etc. There is something called priority you know, the best things are in the future, still, the best makeup a girl can wear is her smile, simplicity is the essence of beauty believe it or not. Don’t chase followers on social media neither fame. They don’t just come like that. If you work hard in life, followers will chase you not the other way round, then fame. Don’t sell yourself out too cheaply, stop teenage dating, you are getting nothing from it. Instead, you are being used. Focus on God, your studies and any other things that your top priorities. The future starts now, good things don’t happen by wishes, work hard for it. Be you. ‚̧

This post was written 2018. I don’t know why it wasn’t published.

Note: I didn’t edit it. I only changed the “to teenagers” from “to teenage girls.”


You take a crash, you get back up and next time, you succeed and that’s a great feeling.

Shawn White.

The heading sounds cliche, right? Someone said “cliches are actually cliches because they work!” It’s actually true. I want to be a perfect writer without writing. To make that happen, I have to work. Like WORK. Work very hard.

Life is a blend of thorns and roses but he who dares not grasp the thorns should never crave the rose. – Anonymous.

You want to achieve something? You have to do the work for it. The richest man in the world is actually a busy man. He’s always working. He’s doing the work.

You have a problem with organizing your day? It’s a perfect time to read Plan Ahead.

Do you need an extremely long post before you become motivated? You aren’t ready then. To become anything or anyone in life, we have to face it! Face your fears, face procrastination, face laziness, control them and not the other way round. You can do this, yes you can!

You’ve got to take those baby steps first then you start walking, then you start running. Look, you begin to fly! -Oladewalaura.

Criticising one’s self.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowliness, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails, explore,dream, discover, acquire new friends and gain knowledge of yourself and the world.

Mark Twain.

Theodore Roosevelt said “it is not the critic who counts…”. What’s worse is when you are the critic.

Self criticism could be compared to suicide. Just do it! Photo credit: Google.

You aren’t good in writing, write anyway. I cringe whenever I read my previous posts and end up deleting them. A friend told me that those posts will remind me of how I started, why I started. Progress not perfection. I’m still not a great writer but I know why I write, I know why I started writing, I know why I will keep writing.

Self approval is the opposite of self criticism. Photo credit: Google.

Just do it. Your voice might not be beautiful, sing anyway. You might not be a great dancer, dance anyway. The Word of God has taught me not to despise little beginnings. Do not criticize yourself.

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A baby doesn’t stop walking because he falls, someone said. He keeps falling and falling till he starts walking perfectly.

We were once babies but we kept falling with optimism. We can keep being optimistic as adults.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


When God told Moses to save the Israelites in the book of Exodus chapter 3, he asked who am I that I should do this? Who do I say sent me? Will they believe me? But I’m not eloquent. Who will assist me? Why did you send me? He concluded that he was unable. He criticized himself. Nobody did that for him.

I don’t know about you but I know I will keep writing. I will keep writing till my good becomes better and my better becomes best. Don’t regret in twenty years to come. Don’t criticize yourself.

This comment motivated me to write again today. I’m really grateful to the wordpress family. You can visit her blog page Here.

Oladewa Laura.

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One year remembrance and posthumous birthday of a loved one!

On 1st March, 2020
Death’s icy hands snatched you away from us
Within a twinkle of an eye, you gave up the ghost.
Throwing us into anguish and total confusion.
But there was absolutely nothing anyone could do.

Unknown to Mr Death,
He had taken you out of the tyrannical life
Into life eternity.
The princess is in another Castle.
Where the Streets are made of gold,
Where there is no confusion,
Where there is no suffering.

The Scripture says, the memory of the righteous is a blessing,
Deep down in our hearts, you are always there.
Extending deepest sympathy to your family
And hoping for comfort and peace for your loved ones.
Goodnight, dear Amaka.
Happy birthday in Heaven, sister!

Oladewa Laura.
Written 04/03/2021.

3rd year blog Anniversary!

The biggest room in the world is the room for self improvement.

Sidney Newton Bremer from the book “spirit of Apollo.”

And counting by God’s grace. Wow. It’s been three amazing years blogging on this platform. I’m beyond grateful to God for the grace to be His pen.

The blog oladewalaura still amazes me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to my amazing friends and readers. Your love, presence and support are much appreciated. Cheers to a lifetime of blogging together by His grace.

I will end this post with a quote below.

It is criminal to destroy a child’s faith in himself by telling him that he will never succeed, that he will never amount to anything, that he is a nobody, that he cannot do what others do. – Sidney Newton Bremer.

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