Steps to self discovery 1.


Faith in self: This is the first rule of success. He who thinks he can, can and he who thinks he can’t, can’t. No one, absolutely no one is allowed to give you validation to live your life!

It’s criminal to destroy one’s faith in himself by telling him he won’t amount to anything. If you are in an environment of pessimists, you cannot succeed because you’ve surrounded yourself in an atmosphere of doubt, besides, you begin to lose the faith you have in yourself. The greatest person in the world is YOURSELF!!

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I just had a glimpse of my wedding night

The night when my husband will be so happy to be the one taking me to the family way

I just imagined how my mother will be so proud to see me pregnant with a wedding ring on my finger

I remember how I wanted my life to go

How I wanted to put on the matriculation gown before the graduation gown then the wedding dress

If only I haven’t gone to that party

If only I haven’t kept bad company, I used to walk with friends who were the top in class but now i walk with girls who do not even attend classes

If only I had listened to my parents maybe,just maybe things won’t be like this

Maybe I wouldn’t have been raped in the lecture room

Maybe I wouldn’t be called the girl in the block

Maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t be a VICTIM.

It’s a work of fiction.

To everyone who is going through the phase of rape, it’s not the end of life. It will get better, if and only if you want life to get better. There are quite a number of people who have gone through this phase, a change is going to come, sooner or later.

Do Not Be Afraid

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When the women arrived at the tomb on the dawn of the Sabbath, they were greeted not by a cold, sealed tomb but by an angel with a lightning countenance, relaxing in the morning sunshine on the stone that had been rolled away!

And what were the words of this angel?

Do not be afraid!

Let’s travel back in time about 33 years before this Resurrection morning when an angel was sent from heaven to announce the birth of Jesus. What did that angel say?

Do not be afraid!

When God arrives on the scene of our lives, He comes to take away all fear. Jesus lived, died and resurrected to deal with your fear issues! If you are bound by fear, be set free today by the Savior Who could not be held by death!

May all the joys and blessings of this glorious season be yours.
Happy Easter

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Every interaction is not beneficial.

Be selective with the kind of people you let in your space, yes,not every interaction is beneficial. I know it is good to associate with people but are you really associating with the right people? It’s like having thugs as your friends but you do not want to be a thug. There is a cliché saying “you become like the people you associate with “, it’s true. You cannot be a literate and you live in a vicinity where illiterates reside. If you don’t think or behave like them, then you’ll get intensely exasperated by their attitudes, afterall, you do not think in the same manner, your dreams sound too expensive while theirs are too cheap,it is not possible for you to collaborate with them in any way.

Other times, when you associate with people a lot, they start taking that opportunity for granted . Many people do this a lot. I remember when my mum’s car was dirty and her driver was asking her why she didn’t clean the car. I found it annoying because the little chance he got for friendliness was misused. I believe we should all make beneficial interactions,right?. May the word PRESS into your hearts.

Oladewa Laura.

Please yourself — Libre Paley

How does one stop being a ‘people pleaser’—but do it pleasantly? Pleasers are thought to have developed their characteristics in childhood, probably influenced by stringent parental expectation and a deficit of attention or support. I don’t think that fairly describes my own upbringing as a child; my folks weren’t “bad” parents. It is true, though, […]

Please yourself — Libre Paley


Thank you so much.

Wow. People are actually reading. People actually visit this blog. Yesterday, I got 80 views on my blog. People actually took time to read my posts, people I’ve never met, we connect with one another through this app and that’s all.

I stopped checking my stats for sometime because I was away for a while and it seemed as if my blog was temporarily deleted. I had to embrace this theme “change” . Nothing lasts forever so I’m grateful for the times you visit, the times you read, the times you learn. I’m grateful for everything. Thank you blog family.