Fancy Faith.

But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.
James 1:6 NKJV

Welcome back to today’s blog post! I pray that as you read, your faith in God is built on a solid rock and remains unshakable.

The people of Isreal in the Bible were people with “fancy faith.” It was easy for them to believe, love and worship God when there was provision, when the grass was greener and their prayers were answered. However, in trying times, they lost their faith in God. They complained and grumbled like little kids who lost their candies.

A fancy faith is a wavering faith. You believe today, you don’t tomorrow.

The Isrealites were enslaved by the Egyptians for many years. They cried out to God and He heard their prayers. God decided that it was time to help them. Finally, the Isrealites were rescued from Egypt. They believed God and worshipped God. (Exodus chapter 1- Exodus chapter 17).

However, in times of lack, they would always grumble. They would lose their faith in God and when God supplied their needs, they worshipped and trusted Him again. They had “fancy faith” for over 40 years after leaving Egypt.

When you have a wavering faith, you give room for fear and that is not an attribute of God. Fear brings torment. When the Devil sees that you do not fully trust God, he begins to torment you by telling you lies.

Sometimes, you are like the Isrealites. Yes, you! You like to question God when things are going wrong. “Why me?” You’d ask.

God doesn’t want you to have a wavering faith. He grieves when He sees that you do not trust Him fully. He is your plan A but not your plan B. A person with a solid faith makes God his plan A,B, C.

People with fancy faith water the Scriptures. They obey what is comfortable for them and neglect the “difficult to obey” parts in The Word.

People with fancy faith focus on one characteristic of God and ignore the rest. Yes, God is Love. He is also a Consuming Fire. Obey Him! Fear Him!

Stop watering your faith. Stop trusting God in a particular season of your life. Trust God all the way and obey His Word.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus as King over your life, you are making a mistake. Jesus is the Saviour of the world and in Him, you have life. Without Him, you are nothing.

When you speak the words “Life, return to me!” man turns back to dust.
Psalms 90:3 TPT

You were created by God and you cannot have access to Him except through His son. If you want to accept Jesus into your life. You can say “Dear Jesus, I acknowledge that you died for my sins. I ask that You forgive me if all my sins and make me your child. Thank You because You have forgiven me. Amen. “

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