Misconceptions in BLOGGING.

Sometimes we like a post without viewing, sometimes we comment on a post by reading other people’s comment, making the writer feel so joyous or so we can get more likes on our own posts.

When you check your stat, you can see how many views a post has gotten and how many likes it has. Some are unaware that they have more likes than views. One of my blogger friend once told me of a post that she published that had few views and the likes tripled in number. If she had not checked, she would have had the misconception that her post has been read by many.

Some people follow other blogs so they can have more followers. I have seen a lot of blogs like that. Having more followers or likes does not matter. That is not a legit purpose for blogging although we all have different importance attached to blogging one of which having more followers is some people’s priority. We all found our passions before we started blogging so that passion is able to yield result by itself. Every blatant error made should be soon corrected. Stop making people live with the misconceptions in blogging, find your purpose. Sometimes, we can escape pains of separation when we don’t have people’s viewing our posts. That’s a struggle in blogging which shouldn’t be solved by creating misconceptions. If WordPress were showing the number of sites we follow just as the number of sites of those following us, we will realize that some are following up to a thousand blogs which will make it impossible for you to keep up with your READERS so we will randomly like posts without viewing the content. Let’s stop that. On bloglovin‘ , you can see the number of blogs each person is following and sometimes when i try to visit some sites, i realize they haven’t even published anything, some people just follow them for follows just as some do on instagram and other social media platforms. Someone once asked me why i was following just two blogs on bloglovin’ then I replied by asking her why she was following over five hundred blogs. She didn’t have anything to say and that was how she ended the topic. In conclusion, how we deal with our site is important and how we deal with other sites is more important. Let’s not create misconceptions in blogging.

If you would like to contribute to the post, we can talk in the comment section. Your point will be included whether you are for or against the post.


Oladewa Laura.


  1. Oladewa Laura spot on!

    How can one like if have not even viewed.

    To me it kinda cheapens the like.

    However, that is my flesh mind thinking.

    Another facet I am learning since being on social media past year since being saved, is that a lot of platforms… facebook, twitter, and linkedin, I guess,

    it is polite and social etiquette to constantly being engaged with your followers etc…

    one caveat however, is a person allowed to be unplugged and then not “offend” their social media friends for not being constantly available

    God bless!

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    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this piece you’ve written. It’s just the basic fact about social media if I must say. Those who like without viewing sometimes do that because they realize that one of their posts has been liked by someone and they would like to pay back but that’s just a waste of their knowledge because they do not understand what they might be missing and would not want to offend those who read their posts so they just like. Thank you once again for your comment❤

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  2. No lies were told!

    I’ve noticed that I can genuinely like a post after reading and the person will like one of my posts as if they are returning the favor. I do not feel that is necessary especially if my post is a month old and I’m sure was in the person’s reader and they didn’t read or like it at first glance.

    Idk…I guess that is blogger etiquette to like back.

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    1. It’s blogger etiquette to like back but not without viewing but sometimes some post titles attract likes. Although it is necessary for you to visit the blog of those who read and liked your post and see what they blog about and so on but I don’t think it is compulsory to like back if one doesn’t read instead one should save the post, read when time is available and go back to the post source to like. It’s that simple. Thanks for your comment❤❤❤

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  3. Very true. I’m trying to reply to comments now – just to show appreciation that someone’s actually read it – but sometimes my mind goes blank at the point of putting finger to keyboard (a bit like when I’m looking for story subjects).

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    1. I appreciate your honesty. Sometimes if you can’t think of what to write, just say thanks. Sometimes, it happens like that but we just have to reply to the comment. Emoji works also. Thanks for your comment😘😊

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  4. wonderful and much needed reminder – I am unfortunately one of those who dashes of ‘likes’ without reading the post either at the time or sometimes later. I must confess that my reasons are completely selfish in that I would want more readers of my blog but this wonderful piece of yours has made me reassess and rethink what is more important to me personally – views and people reading my pieces rather than just “likes” – I hope I can kick the willy-nilly “like” pressing habit and thank you again for a post that has given me pause and made me realise many of the reasons why I started blogging in the first place.

    my warmest wishes to you and to all those dear to you.

    Peace and Hope and Equality and Gender-rights and Justice and Freedom for All

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    1. Thank God you realized your purpose because it really matters. You could also save any post you would like to read but don’t have time to then you can go back to liking the post. You should care about more readers and not more likes or follows. All others are just bonuses. Peace to you too.

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      1. thank you very much indeed for your very thought-provoking piece. it has made me rethink my how I have viewed and thought about blogging in general. especially that my ‘like’ is just that – a ‘like’ whereas taking the real time to actually read fellow wordpressers pieces and then decide whether or not I ‘like’ the piece is my way forward – thank you again for the piece. it really made me think and rethink.

        Peace and Hope and Equality and Gender-rights and Justice and Freedom for All ✌✊👍

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        1. My pleasure. Sorry but may I know why you came up with the trend of writing “Peace and Hope and Equality and Gender-rights and Justice and Freedom for All” because it suddenly got stuck to my head, I can say it offhand.

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          1. Thanks again. My more often than not adding peace and hope and justice and more for all is just my way of hopefully sharing my views about society and the polarised world we live in today – for me, coming from South Africa with our horrific history of Apartheid tyranny and bigotry and brutality it is a ‘sign-off’ to reiterate more my own views on issues that are, unfortunately, even in 2018 so divisive – and once again especially in the general societal and political context around the world

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          2. Another reason I often end a comment with a peace and hope etc line is to prompt, and it’s a long shot, fellow readers to (hopefully 😊) visit the blog and read some more pieces of mine – especially the ones that are specifically about freedom and hope and justice and dignity and gender-rights etc as well as (again hopefully 😊) read the very personal pieces also about freedom and struggle and the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. Once again this piece of yours and your initiating this conversation has challenged me to rethink the very basic way I blog – and what more could be more wonderful than a piece actually make someone take a few moments and introspect a bit. so again thank you for this space you have created with your piece and your invitation to share thoughts about a specific element in the blogosphere – the “views” and “likes” element

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            1. Thanks for your reply. It all makes a lot of sense to me and it made me go back to your blog so that means it really prompt readers who are very meticulous as I am😄. Thanks for your time and reply. God bless❤

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              1. Thank you, my dear friend, for taking the time to visit my blog. I deeply appreciate it and it is humbling. Wishing you and all those dear to you all of the very best.

                God bless and stay well

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  5. I was aware of ‘blind likes’ – not sure I dare look at the stats for views versus likes! Sometimes a ‘like’ pops up so fast you wonder if the ‘liker’ had time to read the post. It’s the comments that can be most valuable, e.g. feedback, stimulating a short exchange, etc. that show engagement with a post. So many great blogs though, and so little time…

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    1. Yeah sometimes when I post, I see one or two likes immediately, its really questions the worth of my post. There was a time I had a misunderstanding with one of my blog followers due to this issue, I had to just calm down because I’m bad at anger management but it really pissed me off.

      I look at my likes and views most of the time, it’s makes me know if the post was actually read or not. Sometimes its not easy to read and some posts could be so long, that discourages people from reading so they just press the like button. Thanks for your comment.💖

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  6. This is very candid. It’s also quite encouraging especially if there is a rise in inferiority for lesser likes on well-thought-through posts. Thank you.

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  7. Ok I personally feel following or liking blogs is a way to get your own blog noticed. If you keep waiting perhaps you will always be waiting and all the good writing would be waste as somewhere all the bloggers love writing but the whole purpose of writing on such platforms is to get noticed. But yes.. I follow this rule very strictly I like posts which I read or follow blogs which has content of my liking.. I comment whenever neccessary. This way my blog gets noticed plus Im not doing things blindly.. And the only way to improve your own writing is to read others.

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  8. I loved reading this post and it has inspired me to write something on the topic. When I newly started blogging, I was lost in the trend of following everyone that followed me because I felt it was a favour that ought to be returned. Plus I felt it was the smartest way to grow my following.

    Now that I know better, I only follow blogs I’m really interested, and I make sure to build honest relationships with the bloggers I follow and the ones that follow me.

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  9. I took the Like button off my posts and many genuine readers left messages instead – just short ones to show they agreed (or not). I recently learned that when I disabled the Like button I also disabled the Reblog button. I suppose if I paid more for my WP subscription I’d maybe be able to separate these, but for now I’ve reinstated Like.

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